Morans For Republicans

Spotted at Sarah Palin's rally for Rick Perry in Houston on Sunday by Bryan Fotographer at the Houston Press, who also provided the caption: "The 'G

Mike's Blog Roundup

American Street: The GOP plan to break the backs of suffering Americans the talking dog:: Really old school Alternate Brain: Support the Troops? NIM

Mike's Blog Roundup

Alternate Brain: GOP Town Hall Handbook Revealed Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Coverage We Deserve Rising Hegemon: Remember that one time... TBogg: Roll Ov

Mike's Blog Roundup

Thom Hartmann: Dear President Obama Booman Tribune: But did they get overtime pay? The Washington Independent: How the CIA can fudge on torture effe

Open Thread

D-Cap has done a series of ten (!) photoshops in honor of Tom Delay's "Dancing with the Stars" gig. Some of them may require brain bleach afterward