Celebration Of The UK National Health Service

If you missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday evening, here's a glimpse. This was seriously mind blowing, a country where the people pay higher taxes for nationalized health care, and they celebrate it. The mere mention of it in

One Awesome Flash Mob

Flash mobs have sprung up in recent years as a social phenomenon meant to snap people out of their monotonous routines - making it perfectly suited to the Occupy Movement. It can be said that Occupy Wall Street is like one giant societal flash mob, disrupting the status quo in multiple corners of the country and asking pertinent questions about wealth, politics and direct democracy...
C&L's Late Night Music Club With Alice Cooper

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Alice Cooper

Tonight, we kick off the 'Seven Days Of Halloween', an LNMC celebration of my favorite holiday. Every night from now until the 31st, I will post my favorite creepy/dark/wacky/heavy selections that always get me in the mood for the darkest of nights.