Looking For A Little Civility

WaPo blogger William M. Arkin created a little dust up in the virtual pages of WaPo this week. A little background: After watching an NBC Nightly News

This Is Why Our Media Sucks

On CNN, I just heard McCain, Graham and his posse being called "The Rebel Republicans." I might come up with a different name for the men wh

45% Believe Bush Should Be Censured

In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. poll 45% say he should be censured and 53% think he shouldn't. The gap has closed and now Russ Feingold looks


Oliver: "I’m sure the cons will get all hot and bothered over this denunciation of Iraq at the Coretta Scott King funeral, but they really nee


Liars "Media reports that U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay had convinced the state's highest court to hear his appeal were as widely circulated as they were, wel