Newstalgia Reference Room - Free-For-All At The UN - 1961

Newstalgia Reference Room - Free-for-all at the UN. In the middle of a UN address by U.S. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, a protest erupted into violence on the floor of the General Assembly over the recent events in the Congo and the assassination of President Patrice Lumumba. On February 22, 1961.

Gung-Ho To Be The Romans

In an op-ed in Sunday's WaPo, CJCS Admiral Mullen advanced the theory that America is a reluctant Empire, a hegemon only because its allies trust it

Tom Ricks, Imperialist And Loving It

Tom Ricks, hagiographer to generals and much-lauded fellow of the Obama administration's "counterinsurgency HQ" at the Center for a New American Sec

Mike's Blog Roundup

Confined Space: The final post at what has been one of the most consistently informative sites in the blogosphere. Good luck, Jordan, we'll miss y

Bush Calls "Dibs" On Space

The Register: The US has claimed "dibs" on the Universe with its new space policy. The document, signed by President Bush, was released on