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TPMmuckraker: The Justice Department called David Iglesias, the U.S. attorney in New Mexico, an 'absentee landlord'—a key reason listed

Roundup: October 29

Halfway There: A primer on polling... Congressional Quarterly: Investigators say Speaker's aide hindered an inquiry of Hill security contracts

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up This is how they support the troops and this is how they honor decorated veterans Rain Storm: Working up to the real WAR CRIMIN


(changed the title) Les Kinsolving, has taken the mantle from Jimmy/Jeff. Why do some republicans think that Alito shouldn't be asked any tough ques


Scalito The blogosphere is a buzz with the Scalito nomination. Drudge is crying racial discrimination over the usage of "Scalito." That doesn't make

So I Get Up And What Do I See?

Harreit Miers is toast. When idiot pundits, circus clowns and right wing politicians go on about how nasty the confirmation process is--they can look

Dean On CIA Leak

Jarvis on Reliable Sources Reliable Sources about the Miers nomination. JEFF JARVIS: ...Well, no, you know, if this weren't so profoundly important,

Mike's Blog Round Up

Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District: National Center for Science Education podcasts, transcripts, and more, giving a blow-by-blow from the