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McCain Swipes At Trump Over Debt Ceiling Deal

McCain Swipes At Trump Over Debt Ceiling Deal

Sen. John McCain complained that Trump's deal with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling and provide funding for disaster relief "was not an exercise in bipartisanship" and called the deal "basically devastating to national defense."

McCain: Save Defense Spending From The Sequester

On this Sunday's Meet the Press, Sen. John McCain continued to prove the point Chris Hayes made on his show this Friday about just who Congress is responsive to, and it's not your average citizen out there. McCain thinks we have "our priorities a little bit skewed" on these sequestration cuts, but of course there's only one area he's concerned about, and that's defense spending.

10 Reasons Why Uncle Sam Needs More Tax Revenue

Despite the Obama administration's up-front concessions on Social Security and Medicare, GOP leaders including John Boehner continue to insist "the President got his tax hikes in January" and "the discussion about revenue is over." But as a quick glance at U.S. budgets past and future shows, the discussion over tax revenue should be far from over. Here are 10 reasons why.