Mike's Blog Roundup

Rising Hegemon: Winning friends and influencing people Economist's View: The question for financial markets is how deep the regulatory repair needs t

GOP Netroots Flops Again

As much as they try to put on a happy face, their interest in having an active roll in politics is limited to attacking brown people. Case in point. T

A Good Night For Dems In 2 States

Chris Cillizza: Kentucky: The biggest news of the night was in the Bluegrass State where former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear (D) crushed Gov. Ernie Fletche

Loyalty Oaths?

Via Kos, it appears the Kansas Republican Party, deeply divided between moderates and far-right activists, is pushing party loyalty to the extreme. T

Gas Prices Hitting Another High

Bonddad Blog: From the Atlanta Journal Constitution The average price of self-serve regular gasoline hit a record high of $3.18, rising more than

I Wouldn't Want To Admit It, Either

Rasmussen Reports conducts a national tracking poll of 15,000 voters per month, and in its latest round of polling, they found fewer and fewer people