Tyler Drumheller's Story

Will the Media investigate? "60 Minutes produced a segment with an interview with Tyler Drumheller, the now-retired CIA officer who was head of cover

The Next Rove?

The Next Rove? Atrios: Bowdoin student, off to war. How does the local chickenhawk respond? Read it for yourself. The General writes a letter: "It t

Contest: Blog Your Campus OperationYellow Elephant: "Many of you may be familiar with the Freeway Blogger's brilliant work. We'd like to see somethin

Flash Back: Falwell And Killin'

Rev. Falwell wants us to " blow them all away in the name of the Lord." [media id=13596]- QT Assassinations, killings, these preachers sure know

Jesus, The Original Party Animal

The General has a few snap shots of Paul Gorley, the new chairman of the College Republicans taking communion. I cross-posted at Operation Yell

Operation Yellow Elephant-New Site

OYE: New Site, New Post, New News A missive from Jesus General: "Operation Yellow Elephant now has it's own blog (doing it here made my inner Fre