Occupy The Boardroom Announces Book Release

In this video, a flashback to 2011, Occupy the Boardroom: "We brought 99 red balloons down to the headquarters for Goldman Sachs where we hoisted up messages from the 99%. Our balloons totally got their attention — I could see people

New York City Homeless Population Soars To Record 43,000

DemocracyNow!: The Coalition for the Homeless reports the number of people living in New York City homeless shelters has reached an all-time high of 43,000. Critics attribute the spike in homelessness to the Bloomberg administration’s

Inside Job, Narrated By Matt Damon

From the director of "No End In Sight" comes a documentary on the financial meltdown of 2008 and the ways in which it could have been avoided. "Inside Job" provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, which at a

Michael Moore's 'Roger & Me' Screening Tonight At Lincoln Center

Tonight, Tuesday, April 24th, the Film Society of Lincoln Center (the group that presents the New York Film Festival each year) will be having a special screening of Michael Moore's first film, 'Roger & Me.' The film festival turns 50 this year, and to celebrate, they've chosen a handful of films from the over one thousand that they've shown to present at their theater at Lincoln Center, the Walter Reade.

3.5 Million Homeless And 18.5 Million Vacant Homes In The US

In the last few days, the U.S. government census figures have revealed that 1 in 2 Americans have fallen into poverty or are struggling to live on low incomes. And we know that the financial hardships faced by our neighbors, colleagues, and others in our communities will be all the more acutely felt over the holiday season...