Freedom of Information Act

March 30, 1965 - Another Inch Deeper.

March 30, 1965. In-depth look at the major stories of the day. Terrorist bombing of U.S. Embassy in Saigon. White House weighs retaliation options. HUAC turns its attention to the KKK and other domestic terrorist groups. Man convicted of robbery and murder and sentenced in absentia in 1920 turns up and faces trial 45 years later. And Charles De Gaulle launched tirade against French Scientists speaking English.

Internal Documents Suggest DHS Didn't Want To Spy On Occupy Wall Street

According to internal Department of Homeland Security documents, it seems that DHS didn't want to monitor Occupy Wall Street and tried to avoid doing so. Apparently, they didn't want to infringe on people's legal and constitutional rights. This surprises me far more than the news that the movement was being monitored.

Newstalgia Reference Room - The Right Of Privacy - 1975

Newstalgia Reference Room featuring a discussion as broadcast on NPR's National Town Meeting on the Freedom of Information Act and the Right Of Privacy Act with Congresswoman Bella Abzug from the Congressional Subcommittee on the Privacy Act, Sen. Barry Goldwater Jr. and Dr. Louis Branscomb, Vice-President of IBM.

Death, Lies And Videotape

[Caution: graphic video not suitable for work or children. Full-length version here.] On the fifth of April, WikiLeaks released a classified US mil

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Brad Blog: Kentucky election officials found guilty of election fraud Petrelis Files: There's a fantastic online archive of a multitude of federa