Frontline: ‘Two American Families’

With poignant and revealing intimacy,"Two American Families" chronicles the Neumanns' and Stanleys' struggles from 1992 up through the present as they try to hold onto their homes, their jobs and a future for their children.

In ‘Kind Hearted Woman,’ A Dark, Resilient Family Portrait

In a detailed portrait of the kind of lives rarely given a media spotlight, Robin Poor Bear is an Oglala Sioux woman living on North Dakota's Spirit Lake Reservation. She's facing down incredible odds while fighting to further her education, find her voice and protect her children from the very same abuses she suffered as a child.

Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail? That Means Too Big To Exist

I am really excited that the long overdue battle over immigration reform and a path to citizenship has finally begun in earnest. While I am heartsick at the reason, it is good news that common sense gun safety laws are once again being discussed in