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Andrea Mitchell Paints Tea Party Express' Amy Kremer As 'Grass Roots' -- So Naturally, She Rattles Off GOP Talking Points

Andrea Mitchell brought on the Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer to discuss the ongoing fight over a budget deal and whether there might be a government shutdown and painted this gal as some sort of "grass roots" activist. This is the same woman who was sued by the Tea Party Patriots, as TPM reported, for her involvement with the Tea Party Express and them being overly tied to the GOP.

J.C. Watts: A Lot Of Those Howard Dean Folks Are With The 'Tea Party' Folks Today

Former Oklahoma Rep. J.C. Watts wants us to believe that the Koch brothers funded astroturf Republican re-branding effort is one, grass roots, and two, that it started with the followers of Ross Perot and Howard Dean. I don't think so J.C. If there's anyone you could say the "movement" was high jacked from, it's Ron Paul.

The Empire Strikes Back?

Politico's idea of news: John McCain, Twitter genius. Because it's pure genius to tweet stuff like this: But they don't stop there. But it