Andrea Mitchell Paints Tea Party Express' Amy Kremer As 'Grass Roots' -- So Naturally, She Rattles Off GOP Talking Points


Andrea Mitchell brought on the Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer to discuss the ongoing fight over a budget deal and whether there might be a government shutdown and painted this gal as some sort of "grass roots" activist. This is the same woman who was sued by the Tea Party Patriots, as TPM reported, for her involvement with the Tea Party Express and them being overly tied to the GOP.

The woman rattled off every GOP talking point on the budget to the point where it may as well have been a Republican pol up there reciting the lines. I'd just like to thank Andrea Mitchell for helping the Republicans with their astroturf rebranding effort here in trying to paint this woman as some kind of spokesperson for the working class. Bravo Andrea.

These wingnuts in the "tea party" are clamoring for a government shutdown and the Republican Party has allowed for the extremists and the TeaBirchers in their midst to completely take over the party. If they really want a government shutdown over their political ideologies I think they're going to see a huge backlash from the electorate once those that don't pay much attention to politics start seeing layoff notices, their paychecks not showing up, tax refunds not coming back and a host of other things that are going to affect real people's lives in really harmful ways.

I really don't understand how the Republicans allowing the fringe of their party to highjack it during this debate does them any political favors.

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