Tea Party Leaders Demand Their Cuts And To Hell With Americans Who Are Harmed By A Government Shutdown


Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express was on with Andrea Mitchell and acted like a spoiled child who was going to hold her breath and turn blue until she gets the $100 billion cuts in the budget for 2011, even though four months have already passed and Obama has agreed with Boehner's original asking price of a little over $30 billion in tax cuts. Many of the Kremer Tea Party crowd showed up on TV today and demanded they get their cake, eat it and then cry for some donuts immediately if Democrats and Republicans do not do what they want.

Mitchell tried to treat her like a normal person and debate the issue, but you could see that she understood, this was not a rational person. Andrea told her that they are close to a deal, even though liberals aren't happy with the cuts proposed for a compromise, but to the Kremers of the Tea Party, they want it all. Their solutions are to deprive the working class, the elderly and the poor to satisfy their deficit fearmongering as they support the rich and their tax breaks. Watch this video and see what I mean. I dare you.

MITCHELL: The government loses a lot of money with a shutdown, they waste a lot of money preparing for a contingency of a shutdown. Are you persuaded to take this deal and look at the big picture, look at what Paul Ryan has laid out and start moving on to the real budget to come?

KREMER: Well, Andrea, I have to put it back and say why can't they take our deal? Let's go back to November...

MITCHELL: What is your deal?

KREMER: We want these people to cut $100 billion, what they promised to. That's what they campaigned on, that's what theY promised.

If the government shuts down it's Harry Reid's fault and the Democrats' fault for not listening to what the American people want.

See, it's not our fault that we want to destroy the country, it's the Democrats' fault for not doing what we say. No wonder the Tea Party popularity has fallen and now only about 50% of the public has a positive view of them. A new NBC/WSJ poll shows that Republicans would be blamed by a 17 point margin if the government shuts down.

MITCHELL: What aren't taxes on the table? ...Why not raise taxes on higher-income people?
... Why not raise rates on individuals?

KREMER: History has proven that when we cut taxes and the money goes back to the people, the American people, they reinvest it in their businesses, they create jobs and the economy rebounds.

They are all Grover Norquist now.

Heather wrote in Video Cafe:

Andrea Mitchell brought on the Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer to discuss the ongoing fight over a budget deal and whether there might be a government shutdown and painted this gal as some sort of "grass roots" activist. This is the same woman who was sued by the Tea Party Patriots, as TPM reported, for her involvement with the Tea Party Express and them being overly tied to the GOP.


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