Tea Party Express

CNN/TeaParty Express Debate Intro: Most Ridiculous Ever

Why isn't the mainstream media saying anything about a so-called objective media outlet partnering with a mainstream Republican organization like the Tea Party Express? I'm watching the debate right now but I've got to tell you all...this intro was

Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak)

From our friend D.C. Douglas who continues to be a thorn in the side to these "tea partiers". Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak): Actor, voice over artist and Tea Party gadfly, D.C. Douglas, released another video thanking

Andrea Mitchell Paints Tea Party Express' Amy Kremer As 'Grass Roots' -- So Naturally, She Rattles Off GOP Talking Points

Andrea Mitchell brought on the Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer to discuss the ongoing fight over a budget deal and whether there might be a government shutdown and painted this gal as some sort of "grass roots" activist. This is the same woman who was sued by the Tea Party Patriots, as TPM reported, for her involvement with the Tea Party Express and them being overly tied to the GOP.

Sharron Angle's Very, Very Bizarre Concession Speech

In one of the most bizarre moments of this midterm election, Sharron Angle praises out-of-state donors, the Constitution, and the voter turnout that tanked her candidacy. I'm not sure I can say much beyond what she says. She brags about raising $14