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Mike's Blog Roundup

Calculated Risk: Fed Chairmen never learn. Meanwhile, in the UK the gubmint is trying to rein in the bankers... Little Green Footballs: Has seen the

LGF Investigated By The FBI

Well, well, well--who would have ever thought this could happen. Greg: Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a ci

Jill Carrol Released

That's great news. It seems like she was treated her OK, but being kidnapped is terrifying in itself. Jpod makes a fool of himself. "It's wonderful

Mike's Blog Round Up

Petrelis Files: Stars & Stripes..."War based on a lie." DAYS: Pro football player exposes Bush as a punk, and every single commenter on

Fun With Little Green Footballs

Fun with Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson said I was laughing at the terrorist threat against NYC. I wonder how Charles was able to see me gi