Blue Dog Etheridge Gets Physical

I'm sure you've seen the video of Blue Dog Etheridge basically assaulting probably a couple of Breitbart-flunkie-wannabe jackasses. I'll never trust

Just Say No To Cass Sunstein.

So who will President Obama nominate to replace Justice Stevens? Will CNN's Erick Erickson call whoever it is a goat f*&king child molester? There

Mike's Blog Roundup

Lawyers, Guns & Money: "Traitor-in-Defense-of-Slavery-American" would be fine Consortiumnews: GOP's double standard on anger The Impolitic: Repu

How The US Funds The Taliban

November 12, 2009 MSNBC The ED Show Robert Greenwald and Ed Schultz discuss the new cover story of The Nation Magazine "How The US Funds The Taliban"

Revising The Patriot Act

The Obama administration has been sticking to many of the tactics Bush used in his efforts in dealing with terrorism. The FISA fiasco was telling an