Mike's Blog Roundup

The Seminal: McCain attacks ally once floated as his possible VP GOPnot4me: John McCain's economic guru? Wonk Room: This overpaid jackass failed to

Help Save Internet Radio

The Agonist: As we've noted before, internet radio is about to be destroyed by the decision of the Copyright Royalty Board to radically increase


Shorter William F. Buckley: I'd stand up for America's honor, morals, and liberties - but I'm too scared. As justification for his lack of

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Vox Verax: A John Bircher's take on G-Dub The Existentialist Cowboy: Edward R. Murrow's prophetic speech to a meeting of the Ra

Washington Responds: Not

Atrios has been on top of this story all day. I like it when the WaPo doesn't have the guts to answer a very basic question like this one: Tapped: Q

I've Got A Leak To Sell You

I've got a leak to sell you Bob Woodward joined Larry King in his first interview after revealing that he knew the name of Valerie Plame and was call

RNC's False Email

RNC's False Email Not only are Ken Mehlman's talking points bullshit, but his emails are just as bad. "We asked the RNC for their list of groups Me