War In The Time Of Sequester

As Americans struggle under the Congressional sequester, involvement in a war in Syria will cost us additional precious blood and treasure for years to come.

May 1, 1961 - Facing East.

May 1, 1961 - Peace overtures between Laos and Cambodia. South Vietnam situation. U.S. Foreign Policy. Domestic Unemployment. Scientists weighing weather conditions for launch of first Manned Spaceflight. Jordan's King Hussein announces wedding engagement. Last day to help Newstalgia. Donate whatever you can. It all helps!

April 11, 1983 - Another Peace Plan Bites The Dust.

April 11, 1983 - The Middle East Peace Settlement falls apart. King Hussein drops out, citing PLO unwillingness to come to terms. PLO Moderate leader Issam Sartawi assassinated. MX Missile program. Star Wars Defense initiative gets promoted by Caspar Weinberger. Nuclear Freeze Initiative introduced. Kenneth Adelman confirmation battle. Shuttle Challenger heads back to Cape Canaveral after successful landing. London streets blocked and traffic snarled while WW2 era bomb is defused.

Ahh.. The Sweet McCain Hypocrisy

The McCain campaign is making a big deal in the last few weeks of the campaign about associations but it's worth noting that the man planning John McC

Mike's Blog Roundup

Rising Hegemon: Another endorsement... Steve Audio: More Rethuglican 'broken government' negligence. People, it's not mere incompetence, it's their i

Open Thread

I have no idea where John Hussein Kennedy's lapel pin is or why there is no flag behind him, sorry. Coming next Wednesday, March 26 to a theatre ne