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Mike's Blog Roundup

Right Wing Watch: ENDA: The religious right dusts off its hate crimes playbook TPMMuckraker: Rent-A Front: New group wages stealth battle against Wal

Open Thread

Yo, Dubya, I think that Iranian kid's drinking your milkshake. From a beautiful photo essay by Arash Shiva, photos that the President would much rat

Mike's Blog Roundup

Oliver Willis: Obama - Let's talk about 9/11 Political Animal: Blackwater patriots want lawsuit decided under Islamic law. Chris Floyd: Mad Men: Pat

Friedman Sells The Dems Short

In an apparent attempt at cuteness, the NYT’s Thomas Friedman wrote a column written as if it were an “Iranian National Intelligence Estimate of A

Mike's Blog Roundup

Truthdig: The “good German,” was one who would have sought to deny facilitation of the Holocaust by refusing to support the war which empo