july 1

July 1, 1973 - New Month - Old Mayhem.

News of the day (and the week of) July 1, 1973 - Watergate testimony resumed, Threatened Constitutional Crisis over Cambodia bombings and war in Vietnam, Brezhnev concludes Washington Summit, Military coup in Chile aborted (for now).

Open Thread

Ernie Pyle, Brave Men, p.492 (1944) (h/t Andy K) Speaking of the nation's power in times of war, Shock Doctrine (now available in paperback!) author N

Another Investigation Over Pages

MSNBC: Federal prosecutors in Arizona have opened a preliminary investigation of a camping trip Congressman Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., took 10 years ago tha

Jean Schmidt, Plagiarist

The Stakeholder: Can Jean Schmidt even tie her shoes without lying, cheating or stealing? From the Wulsin campaign: SCHMIDT PLAGIARIZES POLICY POS