Mike's Blog Round Up

The Young Turks: John Kerry calls Joe Lieberman's scare tactics a disgrace. James Wolcott: No matter what height of prominence a black person reaches

The Angry Right: Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman from the Sinclair Broadcast Group, continues his assault on the the left with pieces that are really insane. Listen at your own peril. [me

Geraldo Gets His Buzz On...

Saturday Funnies... Check out this clip of the man who thinks Kerry isn't a very good judge about combat situations: [media id=15551]-WMP [media i

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hughes for America: Bush, the End Times, and you. Here's a cautionary Bible verse Dear Leader must've missed. The Opinion Mill: Hal Turner is a perfe

John Kerry On Iraq

John Kerry has a new op-ed at the NY Times dealing with Iraq. Iraqi politicians should be told that they have until May 15 to put together an effect

National Security

FDL: Via Atrios, we find that Media Matters is documenting the new GOP meme over the UAE ports fiasco: Democrats are "moving to the right" of Republi

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Far and Wide: Dubai Derails Dubya...And Doctor Biobrain's Response Is... X-Ray Oscar Papa Lima: Using his education and professional experience in co

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Reaction: The hubris, incompetence and cronyism of the Bush presidency. Oh yeah, and criminality. Hate to say "we told ya so," but it looks like K