Laura Flanders

'Up' Panel On The Real Crisis Of Income Disparity And Poverty

Thank goodness there is at least one of these talking head shows on Sundays where Republican talking points are pushed back against and where it's not just a bunch of millionaire pundits talking about how we need to inflict pain on our senior citizens and raise the Medicare age in order to appease the GOP during these deficit negotiations, and that show is Up With Chris Hayes.

Moyers & Company On Occupy's Anniversary

On the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, GRITtv host Laura Flanders talks to journalist Arun Gupta and organizer Marina Sitrin about the movement’s impact and future role in American life and politics.

Laura Flanders Asks Andrew Breitbart Why He Won't Apologize To Shirley Sherrod

Thank goodness we had Laura Flanders to keep Andrew Breitbart in check on HBO's Real Time tonight, because Bill Maher sure as hell wasn't going to do it. Why he and his producers felt the need to have Breitbart on there in the first place is beyond me, but I could say the same thing about CNN, MSNBC, Fox and anywhere else that gave him an opportunity to push this book of his over the last couple of weeks, the most disgusting of which was Dylan Ratigan's fawning interview with him on MSNBC.

It's Called 'Hippie Punching' Ed

Ed Schultz talked to GritTV's Laura Flanders about President Obama's noted absence supporting the protests we're seeing in Wisconsin and around the country and had a graphic up titled "base dumping". Someone needs to tell Ed that the correct term