Laura Flanders Asks Andrew Breitbart Why He Won't Apologize To Shirley Sherrod


Thank goodness we had Laura Flanders to keep Andrew Breitbart in check on HBO's Real Time on Friday night, because Bill Maher sure as hell wasn't going to do it. Why he and his producers felt the need to have Breitbart on there in the first place is beyond me, but I could say the same thing about CNN, MSNBC, Fox and anywhere else that gave him an opportunity to push this book of his over the last couple of weeks, the most disgusting of which was Dylan Ratigan's fawning interview with him on MSNBC.

Sadly, Bill or Laura didn't ask him about his latest video editing hit job, which Karoli covered here -- Breitbarted Again? BigGovernment Uses Deceptively Edited Video To Smear University Professors - UPDATED. I didn't expect much from Maher after the way his prior shows in which he had Breitbart on as a guest proceeded. I think Flanders might have called him out for it if she was given more time to talk.

For a little reminder of just how obnoxious Breitbart was in one of his previous appearances, here's this little blast from the past with Breitbart defending Rush Limbaugh and getting his butt handed to him by Michael Eric Dyson. And Matt called him out for having him on last year in September -- Dear Bill Maher: Andrew Breitbart Is Not A Journalist.

But never mind that he's been a completely obnoxious guest during past appearances, or that he and his cohorts are known liars who put up one deceptively edited smear video after another, and that he is nothing but a right-wing flame thrower with no regard for truthfulness or accuracy, as Media Matters has documented. Let's bring him on one more time to do Real Time so he can play the misunderstood victim again and feign ignorance about the content that he controls that goes up at his site and what he's really all about, which is lining his own pocket while doing the bidding of the Koch brothers and company and their astroturf "Tea Party" movement.

We've done so many posts on Breitbart, I've lost count, but you can see the better part of them with a quick
Google search. Despite his history, our corporate media continues to have him on the air as though he's someone credible without laying out his history of lies and distortions and ambush "journalism", the latest of which is now Bill Maher.

You can let HBO know what you think of their decision on the HBO forum here.

And if you're on Twitter Maher's user name is @billmaher.

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