The Republican Party's Anger Mismanagement

Praise be to Judge Antonin Scalia, for he sees what the rest of us do not. The man for whom nasty, brutish and short is not simply a political formulation, but a mirror image, can look at hundreds of years of slavery, 100 more of legalised segregation and another 50 of daily discrimination and see "racial entitlement" in the basic right to vote in America. I guess it's kind of like the right-wing-clown entitlement enjoyed by our current Supreme Court.

War On Women #satire

As the gender gap threatened to undermine their crusade for a one-term Obama, the GOP turned to Twitter to un-sink the Titanic. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about our party’s mandated transvaginal rapes and birth control bans, a host of

Rush Limbaugh Has Gone Completely Around The Bend -- Again

Not that Rush Limbaugh is the King of Calm or anything, but I can practically hear his veins bulging out as he spews a litany of completely irrelevant invective about how President Obama is a child of the '60s and therefore believes in tearing

Boehner Two-Step: Brief Boss Limbaugh First, Then Caucus

You seriously cannot make this stuff up. It's just too bizarre. First, we have the Boehner two-step, as he has dubbed his latest Unserious Deficit Reduction/Debt Ceiling increase bill. Then there's this, via The Hill: Speaker John Boehner

Mike's Blog Roundup

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