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Carville: I Think Obama LIkes Upsetting His Liberal Base

Nothing like watching a bunch of overpaid, millionaire pundits yucking it up and having a grand old time discussing whether the administration has happily thrown their base under the bus with -- no regard for the lives of those who would be affected by these policy changes.

Matt Lewis Defends Palin's Hostility Towards The Press By Claiming They Questioned Whether Trig Was Her Child

I've heard a lot of lamebrained excuses for Sarah Palin constantly playing the victim card and claiming that the "lamestream" media just wants to ask her "gotcha" questions, but this one takes the cake. The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis, who apparently also has a book coming out about Palin titled The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin in Her Own Words, claimed on CNN's Reliable Sources that Palin has every right to treat the media hostilely because they questioned whether Trig was actually her child.

Howard Kurtz Ignores Rachel Maddow's Criticism Of CNN Promoting The Astroturf Tea Party Express

When Rachel Maddow aired this criticism of CNN for their promotion of Michele Bachmann's "Tea Party" response to the State of the Union Address and of CNN for promoting the astroturf Tea Party Express on their network for months on end as well, I wondered if Howard Kurtz would respond to it. Well he did, but par for the course, he completely ignored the criticism of CNN promoting Sal Russo's group.

Countdown: Half-Baked Alaska

[media id=7763] You Tube David Shuster talks to Margaret Carlson about whether there is any legal basis for the request by Sarah Palin and the Alask

Countdown: Blair House Was Not Booked

[media id=7063] You Tube Keith Olbermann talks to Margaret Carlson about the snub of President-elect Obama by the Bush administration with their req