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Mikes Blog Round Up

The Mahablog: Snakes on a plane? Nope, Arabs! Matthew Yglesias: Grownups in government. French diplomacy over the past couple weeks has been fairly b

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bird Flu Update: some excellent blogs have emerged specifically to cover the topic. Here’s a rundown of the best of them. Mike's Blog Round Up T

God's Own Circus Envades USA TODAY

As Matthew Yglesias begins to see the light, what the hell is this doing in the USA TODAY? John Cole begins the debunking immediately: "It is utter

Will 'The Hammer' Get Nailed?

TIME Mar. 21, 2005 The G.O.P. leader's troubles mount, with new questions about his dealings with the former aide who helped build his political mach

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth Matthew YglesiasHannah Allam's first-person account of what it's been like covering Iraq for Knight-Ridder as the situation deteriorat

How Unhinged Is This Man?

Matt Yglesias Ponders Bush's Disconnection from the Reality of Iraq: TAPPED: September 2004 Archives: THE CEO PRESIDENT. Apparently, the president not

The Brains Thing

by Matthew Yglesias Remember the 2000 election? With the country enjoying a seemingly endless spell of peace and prosperity, and no apparent daunting