Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

♫♪Vacation, all I ever wanted...Vacation, had to get away♫♪ I'm sure that there is some wistful whistling in the halls of Congress, however

Sunday Talk Show Circle Jerks

I really can't take watching the Sunday morning shows anymore. It's infuriating to watch hosts like Bob Schieffer (not to single him out) just ask bas

A Good Night For Dems In 2 States

Chris Cillizza: Kentucky: The biggest news of the night was in the Bluegrass State where former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear (D) crushed Gov. Ernie Fletche

Making Your Position Clear

(h/t TM) The best part about this sign? It is prominently displayed in the lawn across the street from Sen. Norm Coleman's home in St. Paul. UPDATE

Sign MoveOn's Petition

and tell Congress - No Blank Check For Iraq: Tell your Member of Congress to vote NO on the Iraq supplemental this week. The American people voted to