Mike's Blog Round Up

Another week, another guest host handling the blog round-up here at C&L. Good morning. I'm Lance Mannion and I have a blog. Don't we all? Mine's

Mike's Blog Round Up

Jones Town: G-Dub and Darth Cheney get the Dr. Seuss treatment Bob Geiger: Yet another government report showing that the Bush administration ignored

Tainted Pet Food Scandal Expands

Reuters: Pet food tainted with the chemical melamine was found in feed rations on a California hog farm and may show up on other U.S. farms, state and

GOP Obstructionism Continues

A key part of the Democrats’ ‘06 platform was allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prices on prescription medication. The idea enjoyed

Tainted Gluten Was Food Grade

The hits just keep on coming on this story. There's a chance that this gluten will show up in human food now. It's telling that the FDA has ye

New Rules

Bill Maher goes after the ridiculous pharmacists who are now refusing to fill perscriptions on moral grounds. Video-WMP (checking on video problem)