Mike Papantonio

Papantonio: Are Conservatives Ready To Break Up The Banks?

For years, Progressives have been fighting to break up the big banks that crashed our economy. And now, they've gotten an unlikely ally in that fight -- The Tea Party. Apparently there are some members in the GOP who actually believe that the too big to fail banks need to be broken apart -- but not for the same reason progressives believe.

Papantonio: Time To Talk About Jeb Bush's Disgusting Past

Never mind the flip-flopping on his stance on immigration or whether he's hoping his family and their supporters will be doing their part to give Americans a big heaping helping of revisionist history when it comes to his brother's time in office, as Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and guest Sam Seder reminded their listeners this week, there is a hole host of other issues that the public should know about if Jeb Bush does actually throw his hat into the ring and runs for president in 2016.

Open Thread

The traditional media keeps telling us that America is headed over the fiscal cliff if Democrats and Republicans can't work out a budget deal. The truth is much more complex than that -- and the American economy isn't going to be destroyed.

Papantonio: Romney Is A Foreign Policy Disaster

From Go Left TV's Ring of Fire, Mike Papantonio with a reminder after this Monday's final presidential debate, about just who Mitt Romney is surrounding himself with as foreign policy advisers. It's George W. Bush/Dick Cheney all over

Mike Papantonio On The Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party

From Ring of Fire Radio, Mike Papantonio talks about the long game of the billionaires who have taken over the Republican Party. Gaius Publius at AmericaBlog has more on that in his post here -- GOP is a party of WASPs led by 70-year-old impotent white guys:

White Nationalist Leader Peter Brimelow Among Panelists At CPAC

Ed Schultz spoke to Mike Papantonio and Goldie Taylor about the Republicans latest dive off of the right wing cliff with the inclusion of White Nationalist Peter Brimelow at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, otherwise known as

Papantonio: Romney Helped Invent Vulture Capitalism

From Ring of Fire Radio: Mike Papantonio appears on The Ed Schultz Show to talk about Mitt Romney's vulture capitalism problem, and why voters are not going to be very receptive of a man who enjoys being able to fire people.