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Yes, I Am An NFL Draft Geek

Since I was a teenager I was always intrigued by the NFL draft since I'm a big NY Giants fan. I tape it and then scan until they draft. The Giants too

Open Thread

Bloggers Amanda Carpenter ( and Jane Hamsher ( discuss John McCain, his inability to control North Carolina Republicans

Mike's Blog Roundup

Facing South: Who is Women's Voices Women Vote, and why are they making shadowy and legally-questionable calls that are causing voters in North Caroli


UCLA vs Memphis North Carolina vs Kansas It's the first time in tournament history that all #1 seeds made the final four. I'm a big UCLA fan, but

Noonan Defines 'Reasonable'

The WSJ’s Peggy Noonan argues today that her top characteristic when evaluating presidential candidates is “reasonableness.” The former Reagan s

Mike's Blog Roundup

Halfway There: A Summer War Camp for Chickenhawk chicks. Thanks to Lt. Colonel Oliver North, your teenager can spend the summer roughing it in militar