Arkansas School Arms Teachers

Arkansas School Arms Teachers

When the new school year begins in Clarksville, Arkansas, some teachers will carry a slightly heavier workload - 9mm handguns. The school district is making use of a state law that allows teachers to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Widespread Ignorance In Congress About Nuclear Weapons

President Obama’s announcement this past week in Berlin that he will pursue reductions in massive U.S.-Russian Cold War nuclear arsenals met with vigorous opposition from many in Congress. But a new video released today by Global Zero shows that most members of Congress cannot think of any situation in which the United States should actually use its nuclear weapons – nor do they even know how many nuclear weapons the United States has.

The Boehner Bunch

AFSCME, a union representing over a million public service workers, on Tuesday uploaded a video to YouTube that criticizes Republicans for their opposition to the Affordable Care Act. The video, based on the opening and theme song of