When Christians Collide

When Christians Collide Keith was on fire last night. Pat Buchanan threw James Dobson under the bus yesterday while discussing his outrage over the H

Miers Believes In Jesus

Focus on the Family: "Dallas-area Pastor Ronald Key, told CitizenLink that he believes Miers will make an excellent Supreme Court justice. He said she

Roberts And Romer

Lawyers, Guns and Money Shakespeare's Sister reacts with a limited degree of optimism about the news that Roberts worked hard for his clients' inter

JAG Memos Revealed

JAG Memos Revealed Discourse.net Marty Lederman has an important post about the torture scandal, The Heroes of the Pentagon's Interrogation Scandal

Santorum Gets His "Freak On" ABC

Rick Santorum's rants on Hillary, abortion, feminism, and the Boston abuse scandal were on display this morning on This Week. [media id=13373]-WM


via Eschaton has a poll posted: CNN just flashed up poll results regarding Roe. 65% want a justice who would uphold Roe. 47% of Republicans want a jus


More Illinois Pharmacists Join Abortion Drug Lawsuit Against Governor Springfield, IL (LifeNews.com) -- More Illinois pharmacists have joined one of t

Kenneth Starr To The Rescue

In an unusual switch, Kenneth Starr is trying to overturn a case, instead of falsely making one! From WaPo: Former Whitewater independent counsel Ke