When Christians Collide

A picture named Pat-Buchanan.jpgWhen Christians Collide

Keith was on fire last night. Pat Buchanan threw James Dobson under the bus yesterday while discussing his outrage over the Harriet Miers nomination on Countdown:

BUCHANAN: Listen, I would be surprised if the Judiciary Committee does not subpoena Dr. Dobson and ask him, what were you told by Karl Rove and were you given indications that Ms. Harriet Miers would overturn Roe v. Wade?

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I mean, if he's indicated he's got specific inside knowledge that has caused him to come out for her, when everybody else is against her, or everybody else is doubtful, I think my guess is, he will get a subpoena.

I don't like either of these gents very much, but Pat nails it. What did Karl Rove promise Dobson privately about Harriet Miers that nobody else is allowed to know? How many of us are all broken up by this statement Pat made about conservatives?: "They're depressed and a lot of them are virtually heartbroken." You got the President you wanted. Now you're "Reaping what you Rove." I like that bad slogan. lol


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