April 18, 1941 - "Yugoslavia Has Ceased To Exist".

April 18, 1941 - Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany. Balkans come under Nazi control. Greece next. British bombers raid Germany. German bombers raid Britain. British public opinion runs against government action. Capitol Hill - Senators accused of trying to get deferments for sons and constituents. Soft Coal strike continues. Bills introduced to prevent strikes in Defense industries. Anticipated heated argument over Convoy Bill.

This Week's In Memoriam

[media id=6026] [media id=6027] (h/t Heather) This Week with George Stephanopoulos marks the passing of actor/comedian Bernie Mac, Nobel Laureate a

Mars Landing Successful

'cause I've been a NASA geek since I was a kid... Science Daily: A NASA spacecraft has sent pictures showing itself in good condition after making