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I'm Manila Ryce from The Largest Minority, and anyone who says otherwise is trying to trick you. It's Thanksgiving here in the states, so let's take

Mike's Blog Round Up

TS here. Moving on… M is for maniacal, Clinton-hatin’ glee. N is for naughty Scaife, sitting up in a tree. O is for orgasms, Mssr. Lipton-supplied

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Quaker Agitator would like to be allowed to think for himself, which is odd considering there are so many people who are paid to think for him.

Mike's Blog Round Up

BAGnewsNotes: Mature adults in decision-making positions sometimes have second thoughts. It's what thinking people are supposed to do. Yesterday's NYT

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Welcome back from hiatus to the blogosphere, Falafel Sex, Katrinacrat, and The Quaker Agitator....

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Beautiful Day Rule:  House DEMOCRATS back increase in abstinence-only "education"? I miss Fafblog, Spot!:  Fred Thompson, Son of Doom, parts one

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The Carpetbagger Report: When Speaker Pelosi leads a bipartisan delegation to Syria, she’s a traitor to her country. When conservative GOP lawma