Mike's Blog Round Up

BAGnewsNotes: Mature adults in decision-making positions sometimes have second thoughts. It's what thinking people are supposed to do. Yesterday's NYT profile of Icon Condi emphasizes that the Secretary -- as is consistent with Dubya and the rest of the cabal -- does not reflect.

Empire Burlesque: Whatever dream you had about what America is, it isn't that anymore. It's gone. The Republic you wanted -- and at one time might have had the power to take back -- is finished. You no longer have the power to keep it; it's not there.

The Quaker Agitator: Most of our wars have been fought for reasons of "empire." But empire and democracy cannot coexist. Do we want to be an "empire" and NOT a democracy?

The Washington Note: The Bush administration keeps trying to convince Americans that what most observers see happening in Iraq is not actually happening and that conversely, things are improving -- with no evidence.

Corrente: Last Labor Day post. "If I'm so f**king productive, where's my cut?"

Secrecy News: The controversial amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that were enacted under intense Administration pressure earlier this month are reviewed section-by-section in a new report from the Congressional Research Service.


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