Ron Paul Mania!

To the consternation of the right wing blogosphere, Ron Paul raised 4.2 million dollars to stay in the Presidential race, a GOP record. I'm supportin

Art Imitating Life

Newsweek via MSNBC: The Iraqi-born (Wafaa Bilaal is) 19 days into a grueling monthlong (art installation) project that sounds, at first blush, susp

Rove And Captain Ed

Jesus General: ..."A few hours ago, I read a post at Captain's Quarters that prompted me to think about the important work the 101st Fighting Keyboard

Johah Goldberg: Wanker

Think Progress: "Jonah Goldberg just posted this on the National Review’s blog, the Corner: GOOD FOR CINDY! She’s rallied the Nazis to her

Roberts May Not Be So Conservative

" You know, I must have had a thousand lunches with John, and I can't think of a single thing he's said that would specify his politics," says Pretty