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Richard Clark on TDS Richard joined Jon Stewart, to discuss his new book which offers up a surprisingly similar plot line to current events. [media

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THE DAILY DELAY: A site entirely devoted to the most corrupt politician in Washington. King of Zembla: In the November Atlantic, Richard Clarke, coun

Michael At

October, 2001: Iraq War Planning I found this through Atrios. Richard has the goods: "This afternoon, the National Security Archives at George Washing


Roundtable on Iraq and Terrorism On THIS WEEK, there was an intersting discussion group including Richard Clarke and Martha Radditz. [media id=13514


CNN: Did Bush/Blair blatantly lie about Downing Street Memo? In a joint press conference today, Bush and Blair were asked if they had "fixed the int

Tom Ridge

is out pimping for the White House with another press conference today. At the time of the briefing, Ridge said he will not raise the terror alert lev