Ron Christie

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Ron Christie Edition

Atrios was right the other day -- wingers have a rage addiction. So here we have Dick Cheney's cabana boy outraged that Inauguration Day falls on a Sunday this year. That means Obama is being sworn in on January 20th, in a private ceremony, and

McCain Compares Drummed Up Benghazi-Gate To Watergate

Who needs Fox when you've got CBS doing double duty for them with interviews like this one with Sen. John McCain on Face the Nation? The Republicans have been foaming at the mouth since the embassy attack over a month and a half ago in Libya and now

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Ron Christie Edition

Ron Christie, who was an assistant to both Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and is frequently a talking head on political shows like "Hardball," is conflating a couple of common wingnut memes here: that liberals deviously support the welfare state