Mike's Blog Roundup

Politicususa: 40 reiigious leaders denounce Sarah Palin, and Fox's hate speech - challenge Gingrich David Rosen: Know Nothings of 2010 The

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Paramore - Looking Up Love me, love my pie-eyed optimism. The interim anchorage of Jake Tapper on ABC's This Week, has left me surprisingly encoura

Mike's Blog Roundup

TalkLeft: Rosen recants on Sotomayor, Turley takes up his standard, but who will represent white males on the court? The Pump Handle: The Climate Bil

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Carpetbagger Report: The disgrace that is Bush's Housing Department The Agonist: Liberty and personal responsibility Ali Eteraz: McCain's spirit

Los Angeles DWP In Crisis

(Guest Blogged by Julia Rosen) Our infrastructure is aging across the country, case in point the explosion in New York the other week. In Los Angeles

The New Bob Woodward

The New Bob Woodward Jay Rosen says that Murray Waas is the new Bob Woodward. I've been posting Murray's articles for a long time and he's uncovered

Hats Off To Jane

Jane Hamsher just finished the on-line panel from the Washington Post. Check it out and if you can-go over to her blog and give her some props. (Upda