Crankosphere-Part II

Jane: "Both Jay Rosen and Brad DeLong revisit the issue of Dan Froomkin's column at WPNI today, so I'd like to add my two cents. Jay received a let

What They Can't Buy

In an interview today, Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. made clear that the top concern of the paper’s editorial team wasn’t regular

Grokking Woodward

Jay Rosen gets down to it on Bob: "And so he will not be the reporter who uncovers what I see as the untold story in Washington these days. Not the

Why Robert Novak Stormed Off The Set

Jay Rosen has a great take on Novak. He clearly highlights the 6/29 Ed Henry segment on "Inside Politics" which I felt was an important piece of infor


via Jay Rosen : "The Parable: The aide said that guys like me were ''in what we call the reality-based community,'' which he defined as people who ''b

Bad Week In Hannity's World

Jury Acquits Clinton Aide/Bad Week in Hannity's World A loss for the Justice Department. A jury has found David Rosen, HillaryClinton's chief fundr