Mike's Blog Roundup

David Seaton's News Links: A good question and a good answer cab drollery: The hazards of wasting a vote on Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, Ron Paul, et al

Mike's Blog Roundup

skippy wrote to remind me that today is Blogroll Amnesty Day. A day MBRU celebrates the year round. Seeing the Forest: Hillary and Obama. Robert Parr

Mike's Blog Roundup

Senate 2008 Guru: The National Republican Senatorial Committee is 0-for-13 thus far in recruitment for 2008 Senate races that are Democratic-incumbent

Mike's Blog Roundup: November 8

Sadly, No! Republicans weep tonight not for their actual losses but because they know they’ll not have a blank check again for perhaps a generat

Mike's Blog Round Up

Sadly, No! Are you Rapture Ready? Bring it On! It aint easy being green...especially when you've got a big elephant up your tookis. Will Bunch has mo

Pat Roberts: The Tool

Glenn: "There are lots of people who appear to be morbidly depressed -- to the point of conceding defeat -- as a result of yesterday’s unilate

Sunday Morning Rant

Quite the Defense Here is how the GOP leadership describes Jean Schmidt's tirade on Friday against Jack Murtha: Several Republicans who were on the Ho