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BBC's Jeremy Paxman Stuns Silvio Berlusconi

BBC's Jeremy Paxman Stuns Silvio Berlusconi

The BBC's Jeremy Paxman is known for his direct questions and combative interview style. He might just have outdone himself with this one of the former Italian leader. "Is it true you called [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel an 'unfuckable lardass' ?"

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Secrecy News: At least three publications of the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence, all critical of the Agency, have been withheld from the C

Italy Is Pulling Troops In September

Italy plans to begin withdrawing some of its troops from Iraq in September, Premier Silvio Berlusconi said Friday. Berlusconi, who was a strong suppor

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Bizarroworld The president of the United States, speaking on March 16: THE PRESIDENT: "Well, actually I called Silvio Berlusconi on another matter