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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Calls His Own Vote 'Chickensh**'

(Remember this video from This Week in 2006? ) The tea party sure has screwed with Rep. John Boehner's ability to deal with the GOP caucus that he leads after a stop gap spending measure was voted down by his own people. House Republicans

An Email To Larry Kudlow

C&Ler Jim sent this response to Kudlow after he blamed " Liberal guilt consciences" for the mortgage meltdown. Cudlow, Cudlow, Cudlow [sic]... yo

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hi, This is Bob Morris from Politics in the Zeros guest blogging this week. My blog covers antiwar, global warming, peak oil, and the political inters

Catching Bin Laden (or Not)

Fred Thompson’s reaction to today’s Osama bin Laden tape: “Bin Laden is more symbolism than anything else,” he said. Mitt Romney on bin

Next Steps

Mahablog: Now that the House and the Senate have passed emergency appropriations bills to fund the war in Iraq, the next step is for members of the H