Mike Huckabee played the false equivalency game when it came to the objections we heard from the left and the right on the rotten "cromnibus" spending bill that passed over the weekend.
December 15, 2014

While Fox's Mike Huckabee may have a point about the way this "cromnibus" spending bill was passed and the fact that there were things to hate from all sides in the bill, he did his best to play the false equivalency game when it comes to the validity of those complaints, and did not give an ounce of specifics when it comes to what "lard" he claims objects to so badly.

Think Progress laid out quite a few of the specifics on what there was to hate about the bill, but somehow I doubt any of the items they laid out were what Huckabee was complaining about here. He's probably upset that the cuts to the homeless and low-income families didn't go even deeper.

Huckabee attacked Elizabeth Warren for her objection to the bill and instead of acknowledging that it's another giveaway to the powerful interests on Wall Street that could lead to another bailout, he accused her of wanting to "crush the banks"... because we all know that not allowing them to gamble with our tax dollars is exactly the same as "crushing them."

"Good Christian" HuckaJesus obviously isn't too worried about lying sending you to hell, because he shows no signs of slowing down on that any time soon.

Here's the transcript of his nonsense above from Fox's Blog: Huckabee: $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Is 'a Bowl of Federal Slop':

About the only thing worse than when a loser acts like a winner is when a winner acts like a loser. Look to Washington to see a real 3-D version of such a picture. President Obama gets whacked in the midterm elections and then he comes out pretending that people just love his policies, but they forgot to go vote and that's why he going to continue to hear all those non-voters whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

And then there are the Republicans, who begged to be in power in the House and Senate so they could stand up to the runaway Executive Branch with it's blatant disregard of the separation of powers provision in the Constitution. The Republicans promised that if elected, they would end this Constitution-killing power grab and bring adult leadership and provide the prescribed check and balance function Congress is supposed to have and use.

But what have the Republicans done instead? Hastily cobbled together a $1 trillion spending bill that makes the National Christmas tree look like the tree from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," loaded with federal lard and pushed onto members desks before they could have possibly read the 1,600-page spend-a-palooza.

It was a bill that liberals and conservatives both hated. Liberals like Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi hated it because it didn't crush the banks, even though beating banks doesn't grow the economy and certainly doesn't create jobs or secure people in their homes or help them start a business. And conservatives hated it because it was packed with more spending calories than the triple bacon cheeseburger from Hardee's.

But we were told this was the best we could hope for. Maybe it was, but why did the "best we could hope for" end up getting burped out on the House floor just hours before the deadline to vote? The whining of the Speaker was that if the House didn't pass the bill right then, they might not get to home before Christmas. Well, pardon me, but I won't moisten so much as a single Kleenex if Congress has to work an extra week or two to get their job done.

I mean, isn't that what they are being paid for? The leadership acts like college students who party all semester and then complain about pulling an all-nighter the week of finals. Tough! You asked for the job, now for God's sake, do it! You weren't sent to wring your hands and whine that it's really hard and then fold up and give away the last piece of candy, just so you can go home and trim your Christmas tree and sip eggnog around the fire.

Millions of Americans don't have jobs, millions more have jobs that barely pay enough for them to eke out a Christmas chicken, and Congress and the President waits until the last possible moment to try and pass a budget that will set the priorities for spending our money, and then, they congratulate themselves for hurriedly cooking a bowl of federal slop to feed us.

If the President and Congress have to work Christmas to get their jobs done, so be it. We have people in uniform serving around the globe who will miss Christmas at home and they aren't being paid near what the President and Congress are making. If I shed tears for people working over the holidays, it's the sailors, soldiers, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel that have my sympathy. For the President and members of Congress - how about a bag of switches and a lump of coal.

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