Chicago Teachers Union Vs. Astroturf Billionaires

The Chicago Teachers Union is currently on the front lines of a fight to defend public education. On one side the 30,000 members of the CTU have called for a contract that includes fair compensation, meaningful job security for qualified

Call For Solidarity From Mexico

Via Occupy Wall Street: More than 90,000 protesters, including the indignad@s and supporters of the #YoSoy132 student movement, took part in nonviolent, nonpartisan marches against political and media corruption in Mexico during the

Wisconsin Recall: Get Yourselves To The Polls On Time

CNN: In the canon of political cliches, "it all comes down to turnout" is among the most tired. But in the case of the polarizing and closely watched Wisconsin recall election, the maxim happens to ring true. Public polling, internal

Portland, Oregon: Occupy The Post Office

On May 24th, Occupy Portland along with local Union supporters, ex-postal workers, and community members rallied at Terry Schrunk Plaza and marched to the University Station Post Office where 10 activists Occupied inside up to and after closing in protest of cuts. Police arrested the 10 peaceably.

OccupyTogether: They Can't Defame All Of Us

In March, Bill O'Reilly used footage of "union thugs" in Wisconsin shoving people. The clip used to illustrate his assessment had some suspicious looking palm trees in the background. Suspicious because there are no palm trees in Wisconsin. Yes,