Mike's Blog Roundup

Words of Power: Darfur Crisis Update: A tale of two men. The Vanity Press: The Mr. Bean of British politics. Jazz from Hell: Matt Taibbi questions A

Mike's Blog Round Up

If I Ran the Zoo: BUSHCO's evisceration of the civil rights division of what used to be our Department of Justice Rolling Stone: America's lea

Call The Waaaahhhbulance!

Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone Magazine reports that Congressional Republicans aren't liking a taste of their own medicine: I turned on C-Span the

Roundup: November 2

MaxSpeak, You Listen!: Health care is a right, not a luxury. Healing the sick is a moral obligation. But the American medical is broken for all of us-

The Worst Congress Ever

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone is a hilarious guy. Remember when he donned a gorilla costume during the Kerry campaign out of sheer boredom? His latest