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Another excellent offering from The Full Ginsburg. BTW I love the term "full Ginsburg," which means appearing on all five Sunday News programs on o

Open Thread

[image from The Museum of Pop Culture blog] With lots of "concerned" folk turning from The New York Times Book Review to worry about the NEA report o

When In Doubt, Blame The Media

When a high-profile Republican runs into serious trouble, as Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) clearly has, he or she inevitably turns to a few reliable rejo

RIP Phil Rizzuto

I lived with his voice from 1967 until the day he died. All baseball fans mourn the loss of this Hall of Famer. He was 89 years young. The YES Network

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Petrelis Files: The latest issue of the New York Review of Books has a must-read report from Baghdad by UC Berkeley journalism dean Orville Schell on