Mike's Blog Roundup

Alternate Brain: GOP Town Hall Handbook Revealed Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Coverage We Deserve Rising Hegemon: Remember that one time... TBogg: Roll Ov

Mike's Blog Roundup

BAGnewsNotes: I guess all those dittoheads - oops, I mean citizens - not delivering "high-decibel rants" must be "more reasoned voices." The Rude Pun

Netroots Rising

Stop me if you've heard this one... A lesser-known candidate attracts a small following of dedicated supporters by the promise of being different t

Mike's Blog Roundup

Facing South: Who is Women's Voices Women Vote, and why are they making shadowy and legally-questionable calls that are causing voters in North Caroli

Mike's Blog Roundup

Comment is free: Rather than taking advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to reduce inequality and educate the public about how the economy real

Mike's Blog Round Up

Good morning, scamps and scoundrels. I’m your round-up guest host for the week, Melissa McEwan, otherwise known as Shakespeare’s Sister (that’s

The "You Work For Us" Summer Tour

Emotions are running high right now...there's a lot of justifiable anger out in the blogosphere (or blogtopia, for skippy).  The question now falls t